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Using Tilt Shift


We often use a tilt shift lens for weddings when the mood is right.



So when Fisher  Arnold asked us to help them photograph the fun new MINI building, I thought we should give the tilt shift lens a shot. After all, architecture is actually what it’s made for. The result? Well, see for yourself, but it looks a lot like art.


Building trusting relationships with clients has allowed us to do some pretty incredible things when it comes to telling their stories. That’s why we were so excited when Michael Drake and the team at MasterIT moved into their gorgeous new offices a couple years ago and asked us to create something unique and memorable for their space.

They wanted something eye-catching and original, but weren’t quite sure what…

Thanks to the trust they put in me, I simply asked them to give me a box full of random “computer stuff”  (bolts, wires, micro-chips, etc) and they did! Total freedom to bring something unique to their new offices.

Here are just a couple of the shots that now serve as customized fine-art for their office spaces.


This panoramic of a micro-chip is now a 7-foot wide, framed piece adorning their largest conference room.

computer macro-memphis-photography-creationstudios-003computer macro-memphis-photography-creationstudios-002computer macro-memphis-photography-creationstudios-001

These three black and white pieces are computer radiators, and now hang together as large framed peices in another conference room.

computer chip-memphis-photography-creationstudios-001

This bright orange shot of the interworkings of one of their computer systems is hanging above their guest coffee nook.


Custom art that allows for conversation, innovation and curiosity about what they do and how they do it. We got to tell that story for them! We love it.

Creation Studios is proud to be a member of the Lipscomb and Pitts Breakfast club.  We love serving alongside some of the best and most giving companies in Memphis.

It’s hard to be around this group and not want to do more for our great city.  So, we have come up with something we hope will be a happy gift for our friends in the Memphis business community, along with a substantial gift toward a fantastic cause- the Memphis Fallen Officer Memorial.

So, for the month of March we are helping our business friends to make a statement with a fresh, new head-shot, while making a difference for a great cause. Here are just a few of our friends who’ve taken part:

March (1)

It’s been a ton of fun doing headshot sessions with our LPBC friends. If you’d like to take advantage of our March Makeover, please click here

This month, the Lipscomb Pitts Breakfast Club welcomed Former Miami Mayor, Manny Diaz as the special guest at their Signature Breakfast. During his tenure as mayor of Miami, Diaz was awarded Urban Innovator of the Year by the Manhattan Institute.


This month’s breakfast was hosted by CB Richard Ellis Memphis and held at the Great Hall and Conference Center in Germantown, which is the newest LPBC partner and official venue.


Check out the gallery below for all the pics from this month’s breakfast, and contact us if you would like your print with Former Mayor Diaz.

Engagements happen in every season, but as everyone knows, the big holidays of winter (Christmas, New Years, Valentines) really inspire that desire to put a ring on it.

And so, we get the awesome opportunity to brave brisk winds to shoot happy couples. Kalin and Ben were definitely warm enough for this chilly day.





Enjoy all of Kalin and Ben’s engagement session here.

On January 23, 2015, the Lipscomb Pitts Breakfast Club‘s Signature Breakfast welcomed Michael Hyatt, bestselling author and the former Chairman and CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishers, the largest faith-based publisher in the world and now a part of HarperCollins. His newest book, Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World, is a New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal bestseller. You can find more information about Michael Hyatt on his blog: 2015 01 hayatt-0040-DSC_9094  January’s breakfast was hosted by masterIT, and catered by Simply Delicious. As always, it’s an honor to be a part of such a dynamic group, a source of so much positive change in the Memphis area.LPBC 2015 01 hayatt-0024-DSC_9015LPBC 2015 01 hayatt-0015-DSC_8992LPBC 2015 01 hayatt-0026-DSC_9019LPBC 2015 01 hayatt-0004-DSC_8967Browse the gallery to see all the photos from this month’s event. Contact us if you would like your complimentary photo with Mr. Hyatt. Please include photo number and your address.

We could not be more excited to share this with you. It’s so cool.

Check out the movie poster for our short film, The Real Me, for Lausanne Collegiate School:
The Real Me


It’s a special thing when anyone comes to us and says, “Tell our story however you think the best,” and then we get to run with it.

Especially when it leads to something this great.

We are just so proud of this collaborative effort with Lausanne that utilized so many of the talents of not only Creation Studios, but Lausanne as well. Check out the entire film below, and then watch our Behind the Scenes video for even more.

YouTube Preview Image 

We absolutely love bridal sessions: all of the beauty of the wedding day + tons of time to play and pose and photograph = complete awesomeness!  Ying’s bridal session at Cedar Hall in Bartlett produced some truly gorgeous results.



We are so excited to share Ying’s beautiful bridal session on location at the fabulous Cedar Hall in Bartlett. A huge thanks to Denise and Lauren for giving us the run of the place that day. Sidenote: If you haven’t seen Cedar Hall, you will want to take in every detail of these bridal photos. The gorgeous rooms, stables and outdoor gardens are full of rich detail that really bolster how beautiful a bride Ying is. creationstudios-memphiswedding-0003-DSC_0069Ying and Dave’s gorgeous wedding was at the sister location Heartwood Hall earlier this year. When you’re done looking through Ying’s portrait gallery, check out the gorgeous pics from their big day here.    creationstudios-memphiswedding-0005-DSC_0091creationstudios-memphiswedding-0026-DSC_0535creationstudios-memphiswedding-0025-DSC_0527creationstudios-memphiswedding-0001-DSC_0019creationstudios-memphiswedding-0007-DSC_0127creationstudios-memphiswedding-0023-DSC_0493creationstudios-memphiswedding-0018-DSC_0312creationstudios-memphiswedding-0021-DSC_0341creationstudios-memphiswedding-0006-DSC_0103creationstudios-memphiswedding-0014-DSC_0246creationstudios-memphiswedding-0012-DSC_0204Browse more from Ying’s bridal portrait session here.

If you’ve never been behind the scenes at a Jewish wedding, you’re missing out. Sit back and hold on; all of THIS was before the ceremony even started. You should see the reception!

Feel free to pause if you start to get dizzy. We did! :)

We had a blast working with Talia and Aryeh and their families. They got married at Baron Hirsch in Memphis, TN, and what we love about their photography and this video is you can see the utter joy and delight in everyone’s faces. Each tradition was met with anticipation and excitement. We absolutely loved every second of this one crazy day!

We are often asked “what style of photography do you do?” And our simple answer is several and varied.  Dramatic portraiture, candid photojournalism, lifestyle editorial, etc. The styles we use daily are as varied and interesting as our clients are!  We love them all, and we don’t like to feel hemmed in or held back by a strict adherence to a certain school of style.

If I had to name my personal photography style, I’d simply call it “romantic.” It’s about you, it’s about your style, it’s about your love.

In this shoot, we shot several different styles that work together to expose an array of emotions and looks.  Jeremy and Michelle have a great story that we think you can read visually simply by thumbing through their photos.  Just try to look through this shoot and NOT feel their warmth and love.  Plus they were a ton of fun to shoot, and up for anything. Love you guys, and we hope you love your pics as much as we do!

creation studios-wedding photography-jeremyandmichelle-6

creation studios-wedding photography-jeremyandmichelle-8

creation studios-wedding photography-jeremyandmichelle-15creation studios-wedding photography-jeremyandmichelle-25creation studios-wedding photography-jeremyandmichelle-32creation studios-wedding photography-jeremyandmichelle-39creation studios-wedding photography-jeremyandmichelle-45creation studios-wedding photography-jeremyandmichelle-52creation studios-wedding photography-jeremyandmichelle-58creation studios-wedding photography-jeremyandmichelle-64creation studios-wedding photography-jeremyandmichelle-69creation studios-wedding photography-jeremyandmichelle-77

Click through all of Jeremy and Michelle’s photos, see if you can detect their story and ours … amid all that style.

Here’s a look at the action behind the camera during the making of Lausanne’s “The Real Me.”

Most clients  know that they need a video for sales, but the Lausanne team allowed us the creative freedom to take this beyond the typical promo video.   We are so honored to be able to help them tell their story in such a compelling and creative way.

Okay — I’m wanting to write a whole bunch of stuff about the stories, the team, and the way this came together, but I won’t.  I’ll let this little video speak for that.  Suffice it to say that I am overwhelmingly proud of the team:  Beth on script-writing, Jared on Movi-Camera, Philip assisting and filming the BTS, Carrie (at Lausanne) on production (making all of the location elements work), and Matt Taylor as director.    This is Matt’s debut as director with Creation Studios, and I cannot be happier with his vision and ability through this project.  I am so excited  about where our future as storytellers is going to take us!!


Take a look at how it came together!


And to see the final project — because I know you are dying to now!!  Click HERE

As photographers, we are fascinated by the every day things that seem often to pass people by. This construction survey by Fisher Arnold may appear mundane, but it’s just one of the first steps in turning a parcel of land in Bartlett, TN into a thriving community and home for hundreds of senior adults. Culpepper Place-Bartlett Assisted Living is expected to open in 2015.

Fisher Arnold asked us to help tell their story by capturing the work that they do. We see the artistry in their engineering and attention to detail on this land; detail that will eventually be outdoor walking trails, pond-side picnic areas and comfort amenities for the residents who will call it home.

Fisher Arnold survey









The wide open beauty of Spring Creek Ranch provided the perfect location for the wide open love of this couple. God blessed them with a stunning wedding day and we pray that he continues to bless them with a stunning marriage.

From the Bride: Donny, it was so amazing. We talked about how it was literally better than anything we expected. I look back on that day and I had the dream team. I know I “planned” it that way but I couldn’t have planned it so perfectly. It was all of you! Thank you so much! Love YOU guys! You’re the best!

Venue: Spring Creek Ranch

Cake: Laura at The Flour Garden

Flowers: Gail at A Garden Secret

DJ: Jimmy at Deep Blu Entertainment

Photography and Videography: Creation Studios


Mallory and Stephen
~a highlight edit
~ photography and videography by creation studios

Design by Social Butterflies
Catering by Simply Delicious Caterings
Cake by Laura Jackson (The Flour Garden)

 creationstudios-M-S-wedding photography memphis-1DSC_5954creationstudios-M-S-wedding photography memphis-2DSC_5964

creationstudios-M-S-wedding photography memphis-6DSC_6057

creationstudios-M-S-wedding photography memphis-15_DSC1613creationstudios-M-S-wedding photography memphis-21DSC_6392creationstudios-M-S-wedding photography memphis-27_DSC1692creationstudios-M-S-wedding photography memphis-38DSC_6970creationstudios-M-S-wedding photography memphis-65DSC_7379creationstudios-M-S-wedding photography memphis-80DSC_8262

So fun rockin this for you guys! Mallory and Stephen; you guys were a blast the whole way through!
Great job capturing every moment Phillip Murphy, Matt Taylor, Jason Tyler, and Peter Conrey

with Creation Studios.

Gorgeous stuff by Michelle and Jamie with Social Butterflies.

Tasty stuff by Tricia Woodman, Natalie Chrestman and Yolanda Woods with Simply Delicious.

Delectable cake from Laura Jackson at The Flour Garden.

It was definitely a great team and a fabulous time!